This blog is now officially "The Quarterly Update"

HAHAHA, I crack myself up.  I have to rename this blog to The Quarterly Update because I only update it every 3 months!  ACK!  What is wrong with me.  It's not like I don't have time to do it or that I don't love doing it, it's that I just forget.  Interestingly enough I read many blogs and subscribe to them.  Almost every time I read someones blog I want to update my own.  You know what I do instead?  Click another blog.  Yes, I know, I am the best example of what not to do if you want to get a blog following who cares.

Much has happened in the last 3 months.  Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years to name a few.  D and I are having a wonderful time in NC.  I can't imagine being anywhere else and I hope I never have to.  We are currently snowed in again for the 3rd time.  When we moved here they (The Southern Fibbers) said it doesn't snow here much.  HA! They were just trying to lure us in with their Southern charm and cat head biscuits.  You see it worked right?  I guess this has been the worst winter in 17 years.  Marla say's D and I brought the MA snow with us.  It is beautiful.  <3

I think we are mostly done with our house as far as I can go renting.  I would love to be able to paint but that isn't going to happen until D and I buy a home.  In the meantime I am decorating as much as I can.  I have learned much from a wonderful blogger named Lindsi.  Her blog is here: The Comfort Cozy  Please show her some mad love.  Amazing woman who makes me feel like I can make my home beautiful.  I'll post some new pics later.  That will inspire me to clean my floors.  You know how much I love doing that.  NOT!

Ok time to get busy.  I have some cooking to do and some cats to wrangle.  I certainly hope y'all are having a good day and that you remember to live, love, laugh, share and pay it forward.