I am offically a Cat Lady...

You know how you love your best friend and she can tell you anything and you will still love her? My BFF is far away in LA. I think the distance empowers her. She doesn't hesitate to tell me exactly what she thinks. See skype conversation example below:

Nikki says: I need a camera that does a complete 360
Nikki says: i did get great pics of my ninja cats beating each other up
Nikki says: omg I got the cutest pic of the cat sleeping on D
Nikki says: yes I am officially a cat lady
LA BFF says: wow
LA BFF says: cat lady
Nikki says: ok I only have 2 cats
Nikki says: you have to have 3 to be one
LA BFF says: i think having 2
LA BFF says: as long as you act like u do
LA BFF says: makes u a cat lady
Nikki says: yes
Nikki says: ok fine
Nikki says: whatever
LA BFF says: haha

I do love her.

Ok, I'm posting links to pictures of my cats because I HATE Blogger and I can NOT figure out how to get a dang pic uploaded! GRrrrrrr....

Maybe some day I will grow up and get a real blog?