How my control journal makes me fabulous!

Hello my pretties!

I'm fixin' to go to NY tomorrow morning early. I only just found out about this trip this morning. I am SO forever grateful for my work control journal. I have about 18 hours of production that needs to be covered while I'm gone and because I FLY and keep a control journal it was not even a problem sending my coverage information to my boss. You just never know when you are going to need that information. It is invaluable when you do need it.

Speaking of needing, I need all of you so very much. It only dawns on me when I haven't been in a chat with you or able to read my emails for awhile. I want you to know how very important you are to me and that I really do appreciate every one of you who read this blog and FLY. I have never known such a wonderful and loving group.

Speaking of group, do you know that it is very difficult for me to be comfortable in a large group? I am very good at speaking in front of one, but that one on one situation in a large group with people mingling or waiting to talk really makes me anxious. I tend to zone out. The last FlyFest Kim (Sensory Nanny) caught me zoning and it was hysterical. She actually called my name a few times and was like OK Nikki, time for you to get out of this building and relax. I love her very much. I'm so glad she gets me.

Speaking of me, It's time for me to go to bed. I colored my calendar and it is now blue (the color I chose for sleep time). I am really trying to stay focused so I can remain fabulous. Even when it's difficult. I think Marla will be proud of me as I'm only 39 minutes late. HEY, for me that is a huge milestone! I promise to write from NY. I get to participate in a huge conference at Columbia School of Journalism and broadcast live over BlogTalkRadio. My goal is no technical issues and being fabulous. Do you think I can do it? FlyLady does. I believe her.

Nikki out